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The 2018 February Newsletter can be found here.

It’s here! The latest edition of PFLAG OCC’s dynamite newsletter! Thanks to our gifted editor, we have another info and inspiration filled newsletter filled with local, national, and international LGBTQ news.

The big event this month is our annual Love is Love Community Valentine Party at OCCC fron 2-4 pm on Sat. Feb. 10. This is a great opportunity to celebrate love–it’s for the whole community– ​young and old, gay and straight–and everyone inbetween!

A poster for the event can be found here. Please share this poster with friends and family–and be part of a great turnout for this great annual party! Past Forward will be playing favorite Valentine tunes, great desserts, make-your-own-Valentine, celebrate newlyweds and oldlyweds, and spoken word tributes to love. Don’t miss it–and bring a friend–or two!

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