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The 2018 March Newsletter can be found here.

Thanks to our volunteer editor, Nel Ward, we have an excellent e-newsletter filled with LGBTQ news from around the world–and right here in Lincoln County.

In the newsletter are photos from our Love is Love annual community Valentine Party. Great to celebrate so many long-time couples of all genders–and share delightful desserts donated by Welcoming Churches. Thanks again to Akia Woods and Past Forward for making romantic music for this annual treat.

The March 14 meeting will focus on the Two-Spirit Tradition of LGBTQ people in Native American cultures. Lisa Norton, PFLAG Board Member, is a member of the Siletz Tribe (CTSI) and has studied and taught about the culture for many years. PFLAG meetings are on 2nd Wed. at 6:00-7:30pm at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, SW 9th & Hurbert in Newport. Everyone is invited.

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